Urgent Need for Staten Island Strays

We URGENTLY need your help!

Cathy Kangas got an urgent plea yesterday to try and help save a Pit mix on Staten Island that had been left behind several months ago when her family moved.

She is outside night and day, squeezing through a small fence to roam the streets looking for food, and coming back to the lot each night.

With the temps plummeting, we spent all day trying to find someone to go to the lot and try to catch her. She feels safe with the fence between her and people, but does not seem to want to be caught!

Michelle, a Volunteer from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs stepped up to try and get to her. She alluded Michelle last night, but in her search of the property, Michelle found another small dog curled up freezing in an abandoned pick up truck. Bay Street Animal Hospital was kind enough to take her in late last night for evaluation, and a warm bed.

The Cathy Kangas Foundation for Animals paid for an exam, overnight stay and vaccinations for this sweet Min Pin, but the exam found a very visible and likely painful hernia that needs immediate attention, as well as a heart murmur.

The dog has no chip, and locals say she had been roaming for a long time. We are going to get a second opinion on her surgery options later today.

We do not want her to continue to be in pain - please consider donating any amount to help pay for her surgery. We've provided the estimate for the cost of her surgery, so please give what you can. 

We are hoping that the Pit mix can be caught today, we are in for another freezing night!